Vodice – Holiday at the Seaside & much more


The small town Vodice lies 11 km north-west of Šibenik. It is a popular seaside resort with a wide bay, beautiful pebble beaches and a manageable 15.000 inhabitants. Vodice has a lovely old town and a long promenade with numerous restaurants and cafés, where after the sunset the nightlife pulsates. During the day there are some interesting sights to discover:
a baroque perish curch, a medieval fortified tower and a defensive wall from the time of the turkish conquests, of which the fortress “Coric Kula“ is still
well preserved. From the newly constructed pilgrimage church in the northern hinterland, you can have a marvellous panorama view over the bay.

Further information can be found on www.vodice.hr

Photo: Google
Photo: Google